Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Day 7 - Motherwell to Lockerbie

We made our way through Hamilton on busy roads, but the traffic got lighter as we got further south.

We were following the B7078, which was the old main road before the motorway was built. The surface was rough in places, but on many stretches, one of the dual carraigeways had been turned into a dedicated cycleway, so it made for pleasant riding with hardly any traffic. The road was rolling with long gradual climbs and long downhill stretches and we made good progress, even though we had a headwind. The weather was cloudy but mostly dry, but we did catch one shower about 10 miles from the end of our ride.

We had lunch outside the village shop in Abington, which is, surprisingly, the highest village in Scotland.

We stayed at the Elms guesthouse in Lockerbie. The weather had cleared to a fine evening and we took a walk up to the Garden of Rememberance, which marks the Lockerbie Air Disaster, where 270 people died in 1988. We found that many of them were 20 year old American students returning home for Christmas.

After watching Steve race in the first round of the Tour series on ITV4, we walked into town to get something to eat.

63.87 miles today
In 5 hours 33 minutes
Ave 11.50 mph
Total so far 440 miles

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